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Michael Jackson: The Experience
by RedTimbre - 7/12/2012
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This game was a much fussed-about opportunity to exploit the late King of Pop's likeness and milk the Jackson estate for all it's worth.  Unyielding yields aside, no person better deserves a dancing video game in his image.  After all, who else is as famous for their music  as they are for their dancing (and iconic music videos and wardrobe choices).  And who wouldn't love the opportunity to show off their moonwalking ability, after so many hours of practicing in socks on hardwood floors?  Now they can, and so much more, using the Wii or Xbox as a personal choreographer.  With famous video backdrops, the King's own music (27 pieces of which), and his signature moves, it certainly is the best slice of Michael's life to experience.  

While devoted and uncynical fans will rave about this game in its topical novelty, the obvious truth is that it was rushed onto shelves, underdeveloped with the ersatz engine of comparable dance games, and it seems less a tribute as a means to cash in on that fresh post-mortem buzz (about the time his albums were downloaded millions of times over on iTunes, or his similarly rushed-sounding posthumous album Michael).

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