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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
by RedTimbre - 7/14/2012
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This game has to be the most aesthetically-pleasing in the GTA franchise.  Set in what looks like Miami ('Vice City') in the eighties, this game is heavily inspired by the movie Scarface, and has all the excess, shiny red sports cars and speedboats, and hawaiian shirts (not to mention cocaine) that defined the film's/decade's tackiest decadences--the quintessence of how an ashamedly poor man turned suddenly rich would behave, the most ostentatious acts of conspicuous consumption included.  That is the root of Tony Montana's being, and so is Tommy Vercetti (voiced by none other than the Goodfellas' Henry Hill himself--Ray Liotta).  Any doubts of the parallels between the two storylines, wait for the scene in which you find a chainsaw as the only proper means to exact your revenge.  Or just turn on the radio in any given stolen car: nothing but 80s hits, many of which coincide with the Scarface soundtrack.

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