All Anime Top 10 Depressing Anime To Watch
Grave of the Fireflies
by redmetroid - 11/30/2011

I've watched this three times, each of which at different stages of my life and every single time it depresses me.  The first time I've seen it was when I was but a child and couldn't understand what the situation was but the depiction of the kids in the Anime and their ordeals actually got to me and made me sad.  The second time was when I was an adult and understood what was going on and that really depressed me.  The third time was when I was much older and have seen a lot of other "depressing" films (Anime and non-Anime alike) and had wanted to see this again just for the heck of it, to test whether the affects of the first 2 times I've seen it were just flukes.  And I must say, it tugged at my heartstrings and depressed me.

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