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All Music Top Ten Songs about London
"Aftermath" by R.E.M.
by RedTimbre - 7/1/2012
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The band hails from Athens, Georgia, but their heads (Michael Stipe's does anyway) seem to be lodgedly firmly in the foggy, Londonian clouds in this song appearing on 2004's Around the Sun.  Stipe describes the joy in simply living, and the pleasure that can be taken in the fact even when the Very Terrible seeks to make everything so unbearable: "Now the universe left you for a runners lap.  It feels like home when it comes crashing back.  And it makes you laugh and it makes you cry, when London falls and you're still alive."  The song, per Stipe's usual abstract and infinitely-applicable lyrical writing style, speaks in grandiose terms (with the music to match), but brings it all slightly down to Earth with reference points to the once-great-and-still-standing British Empire.

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