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Barry Gibb on 'SNL'
by RedTimbre - 8/19/2012
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Jimmy Fallon is a man of many voices.  And many of those voices can carry a tune.  During his tenure on SNL, Fallon parodied dozens of musicians, often times even in the same breath (take a look at his Sandler-esque Weekend Update appearances).  Sometimes his impressions even came with their own sketches.  In one of the most notable sketches, he played an uneven-tempered and egomaniacal Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees ("Do you know who I am?!" he'd ask rhetorically, as he'd do a disco dance, "I'm Barry effin Gibb!").  Paired next to a perpetually unopinioned, and high-note-opting brother Robin (played by Justin Timberlake), disco is alive and well  on his show, as are copious volumes of unbuttoned chest hair, leisure suits, and gold medallions.

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