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All Misc Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose To Breast Feed Your Baby
Sends The Right Message To Society About Women And Their Bodies
by topazorchid - 2/18/2012
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We have all seen news stories about this:  A restaurant or a store will ask a breastfeeding mother to go sit in the bathroom to feed her baby (GROSS) or ask her leave the establishment all together.  And within days, a congregation of breastfeeding mothers will take aim with online protests, nurse-ins, and calls to the media.  Is this simply to call out the business owner for being an ignorant douche bag?  Well, partly.  But there's more to it than that.  A woman's breasts serve a purpose.  And that purpose is the reason why they exist in the first feed her baby.  But at some point in time, that message became lost.  For decades now, thanks to the media portrayal of pop culture icons, women's breasts have become highly sexualized in Western culture, making way for the public perception that  the purpose of breasts is to stimulate, excite, or to sell a product.  THIS idea, has become the norm and sadly, is now viewed as acceptable.  The image of Kim Kardashian's bosom spilling out of her low-cut top, plastered on a giant billboard in the middle of Time Square isn't given a second thought, yet often women who are simply meeting the basic need of their child are asked to hide in a corner and shroud under a blanket in shame.  And what's most ironic is that the act of breastfeeding revels far less bare skin than the average denim jeans commercial.  So when a woman is asked to go hide away with her baby in the bathroom, or stay home to feed her child, it is a sensitive subject to ALL women who feel their babies deserve the right to eat without shame.  In our society, there is a clear double standard with regards to breasts.  And breastfeeding your baby without shame is a way you can do your part to send the right message to society about women and their bodies. 

A woman's right to feed her baby where ever, how ever, and by whatever means she deems necessary is protected by State laws (to varying degrees).  Most State laws leave much room for improvement.  To look up your State's laws that protect your breastfeeding rights, check out this website.

In 90% of the world, nobody would bat a freaking eyelash at the sight of a mother breastfeeding her child.... the fact that it's even an issue here in the US signals something is very wrong. BREA STFEED ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. <3
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