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All TV Top Ten Unprofessional TV Professionals
Ron Swanson (Parks Director)
by RedTimbre - 7/9/2012
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The quintessential surly government worker, Ron Swanson hates his job as the director of parks and recreation.  This is much in opposition to his impassioned subordinate Leslie Knope.  Swanson, while never working to sabotage her spirits or efforts, does have an equally-apathetic secretary whom he hired for just how terrible she is at her job, which is to direct calls to and schedule meetings for him.  He instructs her to make it so he doesn't have to talk to anybody.  Aside from his affections for needless red tape, Ron is also the manliest sort of mustache-having, meat-eating, hunting-and-gathering, strong, silent-type of man 'working' in local government.

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