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All Music Top Ten Best Places to Score Some Vinyl
Newbury Comics
by RedTimbre - 7/12/2012
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In these days in which record store chains are largely endagered, if not completely extinct, there are a lone few that still perservere.  One of them is the New England-based Newbury Comics (the original location still stands on Newbury Street in Boston, MA).  There amongst the graphic novels, used DVDs, keychains, and other assorted novel intrigues is proof that the vinyl industry is still alive and well.  While the used selections leave a lot to be desired (most of it is sold through through their Ebay storefront), the big draw is in their collection of new releases; just as any record store would make sure to be stocked with the latest CD releases (the equivalent of iTunes and its digital releases), Newbury Comics is adamant about stocking the latest vinyl releases as well.  No format left behind (except cassette tapes..and 8-tracks...and wax cyllinders...okay, you get it).  This is very exciting for the vinyl community, knowing that they can keep their days intact of when they used to get excited about rushing to the record store on the day of an album release and pull a slick, still-wrapped LP from off the shelf of a physical record store.  You can't compress that feeling.

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