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All Misc Top Ten Reasons to Cloth Diaper Your Baby
Easy to care for
by virgovegan - 1/2/2012
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Cloth diapers have a bad reputation for being time consuming and taking too long to wash and launder.  Cloth diapers mean 2 to 4 extra loads of laundry per week (depending on how many diapers you have in your stash, and how old your baby is).

Washing diapers is no more time consuming than any other additional work for baby.  It is nice to have diapers on hand anytime rather than having to run up the street to the store when you realize you used the last disposable diaper and forgot to buy them.

They can actually save on some laundry... as cloth diapers tend to hold in the 'blow-outs' that disposables are famous for.
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