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All Movie Top Ten Movies That've Been Remade a Million Times
Planet of the Apes
by RedTimbre - 7/29/2012
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The original movie had obviously rubber monkey masks and a mostly-naked Charleston Heston damning dirty apes.  And yet no amount of visual flair on Tim Burton's behalf or CGI on the behalf of the most recent ape-sploitation can come close to matching the awesomeness and charm of the former.  Perhaps it's because the original counted the Twilight Zone's own Rod Serling amongst its writing credits, or perhaps because it's already been done before (and successfully the first time, as well as by myriad sequels and a short-lived T.V. series), this film (and planet) can never get any better than that inhabited by the former NRA chairman--and why reviews will always be intolerant of any to follow.

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