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Pod People
by RedTimbre - 5/31/2012
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The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers came out amidst the coldest, Red Scariest moments of the Cold War.  During which, the House of Unamerican Activities Committee led the way of seeking out and potential communists (deemed traitors to the American cause).  Paranoia was at an all time high, and no one seemed safe from accusation during this veritable Communist witch hunt.  Not even Hollywood (several actors were singled out).  In response, this movie presents itself as an allegory to such an atmosphere.  In film, where anybody could be lulled to betray you in the name of self-preservation, the pod people best (and most frighteningly) depict the empty semblances of self many loved ones could easily turn into overnight.  And quite literally these evil clones would sprout out of giant peapods.  

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