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DJ Hero
by RedTimbre - 7/12/2012
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With this game, now you too could pretend to pretend to make music.  With a 'turntable' controller in lieu of a plastic guitar, DJ Hero was the club music equivalent of Guitar Hero.  With songs from samplers of other artists, as well as some songs for you to manipulate, and cut-and-splice, and add little bleeps and bloops for yourself, this game catered directly to everyone who thought the songlist for the Guitar Hero games was completely esoteric (Who are the Modest Mice?).  Also the game's most unforgivable tresspass is its inclusion of such hallowed artists--juxtaposed next to the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani-- as David Bowie, the Zombies and Tears For Fears, all left open to the butchering.  A nihilist's wet dream.

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