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All TV Top Ten Unprofessional TV Professionals
Michael Scott (Branch Manager)
by RedTimbre - 7/9/2012
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Michael Scott--according to his own credo--is a comedian first, and a boss second.  That shows in his utter lack of professionalism, maturity, and decency around the office.  His jokes always border on being offensive to the point of being grounds for a lawsuit.  He is insensitive and out of touch when it comes to race, sexual orientation, gender, and personal privacy, which is why his archnemesis in the office is without question the H.R. guy Toby Flenderson, who seems the only one not to be affected by Michael's sheer disrespectfulness.  In spite of his overt lack of qualification for the job, it is his branch that makes all the necessary numbers and avoids impedding downsizing time and again. Although this is for no reason Michael Scott could explain.  Better try asking 'Prison Mike.' 

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