All Music Top Ten Songs about Fire
"Both Ends Burning" by Roxy Music
by RedTimbre - 7/26/2012
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Closing Roxy Music's 1975 album Siren, this song epitomizes the album's tireless nightlife momentum, chock full of busy grooves that are fit for dancing to.  Frontman and songwriter Bryan Ferry sings, "You're a flame that never fades.  Jungle red´s a deadly shade.  Both ends burning, will the fires keep somewhere deep in my soul tonight?"  Ferry seems to be sacrificing sleep and self-control for a lustrous temptress, a femme fatale in a red dress, for which the album is named.  And as she ignites a fire in his heart (or maybe somewhere lower on the body), it seems he will "keep on burning til the end," at least as far as far as that overdubbed backbeat and concerned.  It's a disco inferno.

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