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All Music Top Ten Songs about London
"Down to London" by Joe Jackson
by RedTimbre - 7/1/2012
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Joe Jackson is the man, and so he would agree if you've ever heard the song, "I'm the Man";  but this song isn't about him, not entirely anyway.  The lyrics describe a character who wants to see some excitement, and finds it in London after hours: "So I ask you should I cry or laugh, drinking tea in a King's Cross caff? A leather jacket against the cold, gone down to London turning coal into gold."  It seems there life becomes incredibly enriching, even if the wealth found isn't the pecuniary kind: "Down to London, down to London.  Gone down to London to be the king."  It's the portrait of a bird singing in spite of his cage.  And likely, that bird was once named Joe Jackson (Jackson himself was born in Staffordshire and raised in Portsmouth, England), although the ability to relate to this song is easy, regardless of where you hail from.

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