All TV Top Ten Unprofessional TV Professionals
George Christopher (Magazine Editor)
by RedTimbre - 7/9/2012
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Like a overgrown teenager in Men's formalwear, George Christopher is highly impulsive and easily influenced. He loves to go on little adventures with the much younger Jonathon Ames, who fancies himself a private investigator, his qualifications only existing in the form of the romantically-noirish novels he reads.  While he presents himself as a father figure for Ames, he also comes off as a younger brother figure, smoking pot and having promiscuous sex because it makes him feel much younger than he is.  While Christopher is also the editor for a magazine in which he regrets not abusing his media presence and using it as a platform for his immaturity (he slings infactual insults at his archnemesis, who happens to be courting his ex-wife, whom he ultimately has an affair with).  A revealing moment comes when the magazine mandates company-wide drug-testing, and he scrounges around for some clean urine to borrow.

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