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All Music Top Ten Songs about London
"Song for Clay (Disappear Here)" by Bloc Party
by RedTimbre - 7/1/2012
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London is presented in rather disparaging terms in this album-opening song from Bloc Party's sophomore, A Weekend in the City.  The bitter sentiment boils to a climactically-emotive point when frontman Kele Okereke sings, "East London is a vampire.  It sucks the joy right out of me. How we long for corruption in these golden years."  Thereafter it erupts into a high-octane sonic orgasm as Okereke, in honesty-mode, sings: "Live the dream, live the dream, live the dream, like the 80s never happened.  People are afraid, are afraid, to merge on the freeway."  The song hits heavy on themes of conpicuous consumption and empty pleasure, the idea of decadence actually becoming mundane and thus sans actual gratification.

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