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Steven Colbert's Americone Dream
by RedTimbre - 2/25/2012
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Steven Colbert is beloved by republicans and democrats alike (due to his ambiguous and ironically over-conservative character on the Colbert Report); in that way, he symbolizes an America united, the very contents of the American Dream...or rather, the "Americone" Dream.  The contents of this Americone Dream are vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle-cone pieces and caramel swirl.  The dream has never been sweeter.  Of course, leave it to Colbert to revel in callous self-promotion as he proceeds to eat his own flavor on the program.  Then again he does have a reoccuring segment on the show called "Thought For Food."  Gluttony, it is so routinely demonstrated, is none other than the American way.

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