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All Movie Top Ten Allegorical Movie Monsters
King Kong
by RedTimbre - 5/31/2012
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This giant black gorilla, captured from its uncivilized homeland, breaks free from its shackles and roams freely about New York.  What it encounters is a beautiful young women with whom it apparently falls in love.  In spite of this, every effort is made to contain and detain this beast.  If you don't see the racial implications thusfar, perhaps the social commentary can be better understood by the scene in which a racist (okay, so it was the common belief of the day, but still...) old lady is informed that a giant creature has escaped and has made New York its personal jungle gym, and she says, "Doesn't New York have enough gorillas already?"  This line is incredibly shocking to hear nowadays, but in the time of this movie's making (which just so happens to be shot in black and white), the idea of interacial romance was hardly tolerated, as racial equality and civil rights were concepts yet to be discovered.

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